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Datasets for Retail & eCommerce

You sometimes hear that online stores have made retail impersonal. There is some truth to that, because an online customer relationship requires more work. This is not something every retailed can do. Data offers a solution. Because by knowing exactly who your customers are and what they want, you can personalise your offer.

Addresses Belgium

All addresses of Belgium plus coordinates.

Addresses The Netherlands

All addresses of the Netherlands plus coordinates.

Addresses USA

All addresses of the USA plus coordinates.


Companies Belgium

This data set contains all registered companies from Belgium.

Companies Netherlands

This data set contains all registered companies from the Netherlands.

Consumer data per zip code PC6

Household information at zip code level

Home Value

Home Value

Home Value

Home Values

Are you looking for accurate home values? With this dataset you know exactly how much real estate is worth. After you upload a list of addresses, we will return the corresponding home values. If desired, you can easily integrate this dataset into your own applications.

Industrial zone

Property Auctions

Real estate developer

Zip code PC4

De dataset met de 4 cijferige postcodekaart van Nederland.