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Datasets for Address Data

For every organization it is important to have the correct address details of prospects. We have an address database in which every address in the globe can be found. From more than 1.8 billion addresses we provide street names, house numbers and postal codes. We also provide detailed information about the geographic coordinates, the surrounded area and region. You can easily integrate our comprehensive data sets into your systems and applications for seamless and efficient solutions.

Addresses Austria

All addresses of Austria plus coordinates

Addresses Belgium

All addresses of Belgium plus coordinates

Addresses Canada

All addresses of Canada plus coordinates

Addresses Croatia

All addresses of Croatia plus coordinates

Addresses Czechia

All addresses of Czechia plus coordinates

Addresses Denmark

All addresses of Denmark plus coordinates

Addresses Estonia

All addresses of Estonia plus coordinates

Addresses Finland

All addresses of Finland plus coordinates

Addresses France

All addresses of France plus coordinates

Addresses Germany

All addresses of Germany plus coordinates

Addresses Greece

All addresses of Greece plus coordinates

Addresses Hungary

All addresses of Hungary plus coordinates

Addresses Iceland

All addresses of Iceland plus coordinates

Addresses Ireland

All addresses of Ireland plus coordinates

Addresses Italy

All addresses of Italy plus coordinates