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Datasets for Real Estate Data

By enriching systems with real estate data, you gain new insights and get a grip on trends and developments within the real estate market. For example, you can determine investment returns, estimate risks, gain insight into energy consumption and discover how to make houses more sustainable.

Buildings The Netherlands

All addresses and buildings details in the Netherlands

Cadastral Parcels

All cadastral plots with detailed data

Energy labels information

All energy labels for residential properties in the Netherlands

Green roofs potential per building

Gain insight into the potential for green roofs on every building in the Netherlands

Home Value data The Netherlands

Accurate Home Values

Housing costs data

Discover the housing costs in specific neighborhoods

Property characteristics the Netherlands

All BAG data in one overview

Roofing data The Netherlands

Data about rooftops of buildings in the Netherlands

Solar panels potential per building

Gain insight into the potential for solar panels on every roof in the Netherlands

Sustainable Roofs Opportunities

Gain insight into the ideal sustainable roofing per building