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Datasets tagged with "Smart mobility"

Matrixian works together closely with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Together, we are working on a data platform that brings together different data sets: from scheduled and current road closures to environmental zones and clearance heights of viaducts.

Environmental zones the Netherlands

Data about the locations of environmental zones in the Netherlands

Green roofs potential per building

Gain insight into the potential for green roofs on every building in the Netherlands

Hazardous Substances Routing

Data about the regulations and guidelines for the transportation of hazardous substances

Industrial zones

Data about industrial estates in the Netherlands

Road signs the Netherlands

Traffic sign data for the Netherlands

Roofing data The Netherlands

Data about rooftops of buildings in the Netherlands

School zones

Road safety through insight into school zones and better warnings in navigations

Solar panels potential per building

Gain insight into the potential for solar panels on every roof in the Netherlands

Sustainable Roofs Opportunities

Gain insight into the ideal sustainable roofing per building

Vehicle accessibility data

Data about the accessibility of vehicles in cities and towns in the Netherlands

Vehicle Restrictions Data

Data about vehicle restrictions in the Netherlands