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Datasets tagged with "Smart mobility"

Matrixian works together closely with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Together, we are working on a data platform that brings together different data sets: from scheduled and current road closures to environmental zones and clearance heights of viaducts.

Environmental zones


Green roofs potential per building

Hazardous Substances Routing

Industrial zone

Road signs Netherlands

Roof information per building

We give the surface area per roof surface and the ridge and gutter height of every roof in the Netherlands.

Roofs Opportunities Map layer

School zones

Solar panels potential per building

Window times

Zip code PC4

De dataset met de 4 cijferige postcodekaart van Nederland.

Zip code PC5

De dataset met de 5 cijferige postcodekaart van Nederland.

Zip code PC6

De dataset met de 6 cijferige postcodekaart van Nederland.